Attachment to things 

In the last years, with all my +15 moves (no joke), I have detached myself from most of my belongings.

 I created space to travel lightly as I knew I was going to move from a city to another, from a province/state to another, from a country to another.

When I first started to give away my stuff, recycling old university notebooks and things I wasn’t going to use anymore, it made me wondered why I had attached to these things so much.

I still had birthday cards from my childhood years. I still had objects I wasn’t using. I still had things, like CDs that I could not play anymore.

As I got rid of things, gave things away to people in need and made space for the new, a sense of freedom came through.

I felt lighter, stronger, and ready to welcome the new into my world.

Of course, each time I moved away, further away, I chose to do the same again. Offering my belongings at low price and giving a lot of my things to people in need.

Nowadays, it’s even difficult for me to buy big things as I never know if I’ll move soon again, and I truly ask myself: do I truly need this?

If you heard of energy in our home, you probably know that everything holds an energy imprint and that more things we have, less the energy within and around us can actually move freely.

Also, it’s important to remember that some objects and things have a frequency that actually isn’t matching who we have become.

If you look at your bedroom, kitchen,  living room and work environment:

Can you identify the objects that do not serve your highest good anymore?

 If you look into your storage: Do you have boxes of things “just in case” you need them?

And in your home: Do you feel overly attached to things, a feeling that it’s “bad” to throw things away, to give or sell stuff you’ve had for a long time?

Energy attachments can have an impact on us, on our daily life, on our mood and energy level.

Review your surroundings and tell me how this post makes you feel!

And if you’d like to get some support to clear energies or attachments around things, message me, we can definitely look into it together. 

With love,

Annabelle Ivaya, Deep Soul Healer

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