Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

April 10 2022

Message from the ✨Galactic Federation of Light✨

Time has come for you to Unite. Time has come to Trust. Time is Now.

You are being presented with many narratives, many timelines. 

Fear no choice as you have already chosen the Light. 

Truth resides inside of you, your soul knows what is best for you. Connect with your Emotions, your Heart & your Body as they carry messages for you, dear ones. 

You might feel alone & lost by time, but you are all connected & can rely on others just by using your thoughts. Your telepathic centres are being activated. Vivid dreams are occurring and deep clearing during your sleep state.

No one needs to do this alone anymore. Unity comes when you realize that there is no separation. No separation from Source, no separation from your peers, no separation from the Dark nor the Light.

Evidently, the circumstances presented to you are an invitation to separation. You know in your Heart that everyone around you is you, that everything around and inside of you is you. Notice the Beauty in every moment, in every tear, in every breath, in every sound, in everyone you meet.

The levels of consciousness might differ, but the vibration of Love has no boundaries and emanates from every human, plant, animal and rock on this planet. 

Be the one who smiles at others in the street. Be the one that is Grateful to be alive. Be the one that recognizes Kindness and says thank you. So that your peers remember more every day Who They Truly Are.

You have chosen to be here Now, to Reconnect with Source, to bring Light into this world. Nothing that is presented to you can affect your True Essence. It might bring questions, worries and uncertainty. We invite you each time these thoughts arise to bring them softly into your Heart so that Your Truth can tell what all of these really mean for you.

Trust that you aren’t walking alone anymore. Trust that nothing can stop the Ascension now. You are closer than you think. Your Heart needs to Heal, to Shine through, to open fully to receive the Codes, so that others can follow your footsteps.

Be the way-shower you came to be. Be the one standing tall in the storm as your Courage, your Authenticity and your Presence will inspire others to take their Own Path to Sovereignty.

We love you and honour you.


The Galactic Federation of Light ~ Channeled by Annabelle Leclerc, Intuitive, Psychic & Healer


April 10 2022


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