Note that the feminine is used for most of the meditations, please bring forth the energies for you highest good, no matter the gender shared. 🙂


Activate your intuition

During this meditation, we clear anything blocking your intuition. We release anything that hindered this your connection to your divine truth within. We are clearing all the blocks related to our inner child, our past experiences and our ego mind that are actually interfering with our gifts. Receiving an activation from our higher self with all that you need to anchor more your psychic abilities. Releasing fears from your inner child and your heart welcoming more of your divine essence in. We are also invited to bring forth our future self to merge with you.


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Connect to your channel of light

This meditation helps you in clearing anything that could interfere with your channeling abilities. You can use it each time you want to connect to your guide to make a clear connection and feeling aligned with your divine channel through your heart. You will clear anything that could block you from connecting with your higher self, guides and team of light. Releasing any fears, emotions, physical pain, trauma imprints, timelines from bringing forth your gifts will be cleansed and healed. You will reconnect to the purest part of your soul, your higher self’s energy.


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Gaia’s Healing

This meditation supports you to clear any blocks around abundance and love. It opens all your chakras to a deep healing, so that Gaia’s unconditional love can be welcomed back into your whole being. Removing all lack, blocks, pain, suffering, trauma imprints, fears, energetic cords, power struggles, hurt, walls, so that you shine your light fully. All your energy centers will be cleanse and activated by the love of Gaia.



Welcoming your divinity

This meditation helps you to receive support and love from the Earth. All of your chakras will be completely cleansed so that you feel safe here no Earth, so that you know that you are supported, that you can trust your instinct, gifts, and believing in yourself.



Removing Limitations

This meditation supports you in allowing the development of your psychic abilities. It removes the blocks,  judgments or impatience, inviting more acceptance and love in your heart space. Removing limitations on all levels of your being, so that your true self shines through. Activating your divine path with confidence in how it will evolve for you.



Anchoring your gifts

This meditation supports you in receiving more guidance, anchoring more of your gits and psychic abilities. You are invited to liberate what isn’t in alignment with the energies you are embodying through the work you are doing energetically within. All of your energy bodies will be cleansed, and you will connect to your divine essence.