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Our spiritual gifts and channeling abilities only need to be activated so we remember that we have this connection and have had it. The way each of us connect to the other realms is completely unique and the more you allow yourself to develop this connection, the more you will feel at ease in your heart.

Channeling my guides, team of light and higher self has been instrumental in the development of my psychic gifts and in all areas of my life.

This course is 5 weeks long, we meet once per week for about 2 hours/week.

Our next course: All Wednesdays in July at 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT, from July 3rd to July 31st.

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Our program together:

  • We will look into what is intuition, clair senses, channeling and how you can find your own unique connection.
  • We will activate this divine connection with your guides, your higher self and your ascension team.
  • Through these sessions, I will channel wisdom while we connect to these senses and experience them more together.
  • We will clear any blocks/fears/past lives that are hindering this divine connection to further develop for each of those gifts.
  • We will have different exercises to increase these senses and have some time to practice each week.

What transformation can you expect?

  • A deeper understanding of your own way of connecting with your team of light
  • A clearer connection to your guides and higher self
  • More clarity around your life’s purpose and mission on earth
  • More experience in connecting with different dimensions
  • More trust and confidence in your skills and inner guidance

All sessions are recorded and all healing meditations are available for life.

You will receive a zoom link via email 10 days before the session.

Replay will be available within a few hours each week.

Price/ $299 for the whole course

I am excited to spend these 5 weeks with you!

Email me if you have any questions:

Annabelle Ivaya, Spiritual Guide

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