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About my individual sessions and courses:

After every conversation with you, I consistently feel validated, understood, and uplifted. Your attentive listening and unwavering support are truly commendable. Your ability to affirm my instincts and show empathy towards your clients is truly remarkable. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have met you; you are an exceptional individual.


You are truly an angel Annabella. What a powerful experience specially when you did the light language, I felt like Gaia was holding me in her arms, and then I felt like you were an angel and etc. So much clarity on things that were happening I felt the release as you were explaining personal things to me, I still feel the releasing happening . I have so much gratitude for you thank you everything you have done for me. and everyone who crosses paths with you. Much love and light,


The reading was spot-on and opened me for new areas of my spiritual growth. No matter what ascension level you are, Annabelle will bring up the wisdom you could benefit from 🙂 I feel she is an accelerator for everyone open to receive her light!


It was a very insightful and helpful message all together! There is more clarity to my path and vision now, your Divine Messages have not only boosted my confidence but also have given me more pragmatic ways to reach my goal!!  I am truly honored and grateful to have shared the beautiful energy and time with you.


Annabelle is a wonderful intuitive healer who dives deep into the Akashic records to deliver important life changing information and is very skilled at identifying removing and clearing obstacles to your ascension path. Her light language is devine, graceful, soothing, healing and inspiring and during the session I became aware of her skilled ability as an energy anchor for the cosmic heart ❤️ of Venus


I have worked with Annabelle many times over the last few years, and I keep coming back for more because her energy is pure magic!! I’ve had private Akashic record readings and past life clearings, taken several of her group classes and group meditations, and we’ve also experienced her wonderful animal communication with our cat several times, which is always spot-on. Annabelle’s gifts are truly out of this world. Her light language is ethereal, and not to be missed. If you are wondering about working with Annabelle… Just do it. You’ll be so glad you did.


9 of clubs is exactly what's going on for me. The positive message is exactly what is being communicated to me. I'm really starting to acknowledge what the shadow side is about and be able to work though negative belief systems fearlessly and lovely knowing I am never by myself and that I have so.. many beautiful energies out their working with me, keeping me safe. Thank you Annabelle and your heavenly divine Angelics for helping me heal through your akashic record healings and supporting me through my ascension.


This meeting helped me a lot. It's so wonderful the guidance and info she shares for free in a first contact zoom meeting. I felt confused about traumatic visions I saw of my past/parallel life's. She helped me understand my visions that didn’t make sense to me before. She made me feel understood and heard. And brought insight on what my mission here on earth is. She helped me step more into my power as woman. All this in a short free meeting. Thank you so much Annabelle!!


It was a pleasure meeting you today! Thank you so very much again for the wonderful Divine message call! It was very helpful and insightful! Just what I was looking for. You are a very kind, compassionate and talented healer! I will highly recommend you to my community!

Thank you again.


My session with you came at the perfect time and was very powerful... When you used light language to clear attachments from past lives I literally felt a vacuum pull something out of me and felt free... My dog received a powerful clearing as well which I am eternally grateful for... You have a beautiful gift... Thank you for all the courage to do your own healing in order to stand in your authentic light and assist others... You are a blessing to us all xoxo


My life has been pretty overwhelming lately. After my session with Annabelle I felt a shift that brought me to a calmer, more centered and grounded place. I am so grateful!


Having a healing session with Annabelle was a really beautiful experience and I certainly gained the direction I was so desperately seeking. Today I am working through the things Annabelle suggested I do to help release what I’ve been holding on to on a subconscious level. This is really helping me, as I already feel a shift within. Annabelle is also providing me with links to one of her meditations and an inner child healing, which is very generous and enormously appreciated. I can’t thank Annabelle enough and am very happy to thoroughly recommend her.


It was an amazing experience, it helps me a lot for understanding my life situations and I got answers I needed. It helped me to know my own power. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Annabelle.


I’m so grateful for my experience with Annabelle. Her grace was apparent before our actual meeting, and even more so during our session. Not only did I feel elevated and aligned during our time together, but I was blown away by her in-depth ability to communicate so clearly what was coming through her. It was my first Akashic records reading so I didn’t know what to expect, and I highly recommend Annabelle’s services.


It was a great experience. You are calm, understanding and very supportive. For me was just a wonderful soul journey, with your guiding abilities and your incredible insights. I am grateful for your guidance and there is a shift in my consciousness. Thank you for this incredible experience!


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