A Little About Me

My life wasn’t always easy. I have gone through a lot in my life: family trauma such as violence, codependence, mental health and addictions, personal trauma (sexual, physical, emotional, financial), had many toxic relationships, low self-esteem, people pleasing, and putting myself last, always.

I have always been an empath, someone that knew how people felt just by entering the room, someone that could morph myself in what I thought pople wanted from me to make sure to avoid any fight or argument. It was handy as a child, I knew how to receive positive attention, but as I grew older, I had no idea of the person I truly was. I didn’t know what was important to me, what made me lite up inside, what did Annabelle truly wanted in her life…

After an awakening process that intensified in 2015 & pushed me to the edge, where nothing made sense in my life anymore, I was forced to review my whole life and way of living, thinking and feeling, to find my alignment within.

Then, I felt strong enough to welcome soul aligned people into my life, a new career path so much more in tune with my true essence, a new lifestyle. All of this came along with the healing process that took place in the last decade.

I learned how to embody love, compassion and acceptance towards myself, and then my life changed radically!

To learn more about my story, click here to buy my book (search Annabelle Ivaya in your own Amazon Store if this link doesn’t work for you): The Way Back to My Heart

How can I support you?

  • By connecting with my extrasensory gifts, my intuition, channeling your guides, higher self, and the energies surrounding you.
  • I see, feel, sense and channel always the most loving and beautiful angelic and galactic energies, messages and guidance for you.
  • My goal is to bring light into your body, into your soul, to clear the energies within and around you so that you Remember Your Power!

When you remember who you are, you start speaking up more, you share your heart and your feelings, you trust more the universe, you are able to set healthy boundaries, you respect yourself more, you allow yourself to receive as much as you are giving, you believe in yourself and feel supported and protected, always.

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