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12-week Mentorship Program For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Starting June 4th 2024

This mentorship program is to support you in developing your business strategy in alignment with your business’s consciousness and your divine path.

Having our own spiritual business is quite a project! It comes with lots of clearing of limiting beliefs, inner child wounds, feeling of  not being ready to show up for others, ego tricks to keep us lock in a lower frequency, etc.

That is why I am here: to support you in healing, clearing, releasing the old paradigms around money, business, gifts and spirituality, in all of your timelines/incarnations, so that you & your business thrive!

I went through it all myself, and I learned so much in my spiritual business in the last 4 years, it’s now time for me to share my knowledge and help you to shine!

If you have been thinking about starting your spiritual business as a coach, healer, teacher, practitioner of any kind, but have encountered some resistance in putting yourself out there or feel some kind of blocks, this mentorship is for you!

Some of the aspects we will clear & shift:

  • Scarcity & Lack      ->>  Abundance & Flow
  • Fear of Judgment, Failure or Success      ->> Self-Confidence & Trust
  • Fear of being Seeing, of Sharing your Gifts      ->> Presence & Divine Protection
  • Limiting Beliefs, Trauma Imprints      ->> Heart Opening & Alignment
  • Inner Child Wounds      ->> Renewed Energy & Expansion
  • Souls Contracts, Karmic Debts     ->> Freedom & Ease
    • And anything else that could interfere with the expansion of your gifts & spiritual business

Ascension is now, you have done lots of healing and activations, no more procrastination: it’s time to shine!

It is your time to shine, thriving doing what you truly love!

Our program together:

  • 12 group sessions (weekly gathering, see themes below) where I will be available to answer any questions, align you to your next step and support you in any blocks/challenges you might encounter.
    • Time of our gatherings will be set with participants
  • Private Facebook Group to share your wins, your challenges, your strikes and your advancement.
  • Recorded Healing Meditations & Activations to support the process
  • Here are some of the themes we will be touching on together:
    • Week 1-4:
      • Getting clear on your gifts
      • Identifying your ideal client
      • Putting your offerings together
    • Week 5-8:
      • Generating a clear message
      • Aligning to your business’ consciousness
      • Connecting to your audience
    • Week 9-12:
      • Sharing your gifts
      • Interacting with your potential clients
      • Selling your offerings
  • 2 individual sessions for the price of $333 ($111 off regular pricing) for participants only.
    • These individual sessions will support you for a more rapid integration and healing to propel your spiritual business forward. The link to buy these sessions will be shared to all participants a week before starting our Mentorship together.

If you are part of Starseed Gathering membership, use the coupon code of 20% available in our portal (membership exclusivities page) – price for the members: $266.40 per month.

The number of participants is limited, save your spot now!

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Starseed Gathering is a sacred space I created to support any lighworker, healer, believer that there is more to life than pain & suffering!

We have more than 60+ healing journeys available online, 4 workshops, 20+ meditations as we continue to grow and walk together this ascension process.

You don’t have to walk alone! Join us!

$77 per month to have access to everything and connect to your guides/higher self/angels and more twice a month!

Get ready to receive:

Chakra healings Mental/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual body healing & realignment  Akashic clearing & healing  Soul and gifts retrieval  Channeled messages  Energy upgrades & activations  Light language healing

Plus connect with a tribe of like-minded souls, so lovely lightworkers around the planet that have the same goal: overcoming challenges & difficult life experiences, activating their gifts and supporting the planet’s ascension!

So much magic and healing, it’s a wonderful place to be together, authentically, in alignment with divine source.

Starseed Gathering is a safe, expanded space where you belong. For as long as we can remember, we felt out of space, couldn’t fit in although we tried so hard. Now that this space exist since almost a year now, we finally have a loving environment where we can be real, heal together, speak our truth and choose the best for ourselves.

These sessions are very high frequency and support us in making this world a better place, one session at a time.

As always, I will also share the latest channeled information around the ascension process and the energies.

Live sessions every 2 weeks, join us anytime to have access to +80 healing sessions & meditations  

Are you ready to choose YOU and reconnect to Source, your essence in the deepest way for your highest good?

Join us to discover your uniqueness, heal & develop your gifts, find your tribe 🙂

Would you like to receive a divine message?

Click below to book a free channeled message. 🙂

Policies & Disclaimer

Cancellation Policy

  • If you are not satisfied by the sessions, you will be reimbursed the remainder of your packages (unused sessions only).
  • If you cancel a session with more than 48-hour notice, we will change the session to a future date.
  • If you cancel your session less than 48-hour notice, you will lose this session.
  • If you have any question about the cancellation policy, please address them to me.


  • In the case someone would be clinically depressed or suicidal, this person will be invited to reach out to a professional to support you and the sessions won’t continue
  • After the second cancelled session, any further sessions will be canceled
  • If you need urgent care, please call 911
  • If you are thinking about suicide, please call your suicide prevention call line or your emergency line for more assistance

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