Individual Healing & Coaching Session


For a limited time –  1 session for $199 (usually $222)

This session merges all of my gifts together! And whevever you are in your spiritual journey, I can support you.

  • Whether you are starting to understand that there is more to this world that your past experiences, what you were told and what your ego might tell you.
  • Whether you are in the dark night of the soul.
  • Whether you had many healing sessions of different types and aren’t sure what truly works for you.
  • Whether you are a healer and heal yourself and others and would like to shift some parts of yourself.

My 1:1 sessions:

Individual sessions:

  • Receive:
    ♥️Deep soul healing: past/alternative lifetimes in the Akashic Records
    Inner child healing: supporting your inner child to release the heaviness and reconnect to you so you can walk this path together
    ♥️ Energy healing & light language healing: frequencies to release any blocks in your chakras and 4-body system (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical)
    ♥️ Channeled messages from your guides & higher self throughout the session
  • And feel: Aligned, Calm & peaceful, Confident, Relieved

Pricing: 1 session for $222, 3 sessions for $555 and 5 sessions for $911

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1 individual session ($222) * special at $199 for limited time

to clear the blocks, gain clarity & return to balance in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

3 individual sessions ($555) to find who you are within, what your essence is all about and how you can manage life with more ease and grace.

5 individual sessions ($911) for your spiritual growth and learning what works for you, feeling more empowered and aligned with your soul.

Mediumship Reading

Book a mediumship session with a past loved one or pet that has crossed over.

✨ Get confirmation and channeled messages from spirits

✨ Allow healing to be poured into you to ease your grieving process

✨ Be open to the miracles of spiritual support on all levels for your highest good

60 minutes for $177

During this reading, we will be connecting to one of your loved ones or departed pet and your spirit guides to answer any questions you might have related to your life, their passing or any other inquiries you might have.

I will gratefully be the bridge between 2 worlds for you as a medium to support your healing and journey at this time.

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Animal Healing Session

I am an animal healer & communicator. I have the gift to be able to do distance healing, seeing their energy shift as I use energy, light language and divine rays of healing to remove any density form the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual body of your pet.

The session lasts about 45 minutes with the soul of your animal, I write notes and let you know what I got as far as messages from our guides, your pet’s soul and anything else important for the next part of their life.

I have had amazing reviews on theses sessions. All animals feel more happy, playful, relaxed and aligned after the session. 🙂 You will be amaze of the information that will be shared after the healing is complete.

Session at $123

Message me for more information or click below to book an animal healing session:

Would you like to receive a divine message?

Click below to book a free channeled message. 🙂

Policies & Disclaimer

Cancellation Policy

  • If you are not satisfied by the sessions, you will be reimbursed the remainder of your packages (unused sessions only).
  • If you cancel a session with more than 48-hour notice, we will change the session to a future date.
  • If you cancel your session less than 48-hour notice, you will lose this session.
  • If you have any question about the cancellation policy, please address them to me.


  • In the case someone would be clinically depressed or suicidal, this person will be invited to reach out to a professional to support you and the sessions won’t continue
  • After the second cancelled session, any further sessions will be canceled
  • If you need urgent care, please call 911
  • If you are thinking about suicide, please call your suicide prevention call line or your emergency line for more assistance

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