My first ever book is now available! Exciting times!!!

I worked 2 years writing my life story. It wasn’t always easy to go back to the trauma and difficult times I went through but it was so worth it!I see this book as a depiction of a woman walking on Earth, going through many ups and downs, including a tons of lessons, a lot of courage required moments, inviting me to look within more and more as I grew older.

If there is something I have learned through my life’s experiences and hardships, it is that we are a lot stronger than any difficulty life throws at us, that believing in our worth is paramount, and that as we learn to choose ourselves more and align our surroundings (home, friends, work/mission, activities, partner, etc.) with our true essence & beautiful opportunities of growth and miracles happen!I would love for you to get inspired by my story.

It took 2 years to write, and I know some parts will make you laugh, cry and see that you aren’t your past or your challenges, you are a divine being of love that can accomplish anything once you align with your heart and soul’s deepest desires.

A story of a woman going through trauma, feeling lost & disconnected from everyone around her and herself, choosing a path of self-love & compassion, not always figuring things out before more hardships came along, but choosing to believe that something better would come from all of this pain and allowing the universe to show her “the way back to her heart”.

“The Way Back to My Heart” now available on Amazon Kindle 🙂


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