This deep wound a lot of us have, where our heart has been broken by someone we trusted, sometimes more than once, by more than one person.

This deep wound that creates scenarios and intense feelings of fear that betrayal will happen again.

This deep wound that our heart hasn’t healed yet, as we still hold on to what happened with guilt and shame.

This deep wound that doesn’t allow us to love and be loved completely and freely.

This deep wound that brings you in a state of vulnerability that doesn’t allow to share what’s going with within you when emotions and fears take over.

Being betrayed causes a lot of trauma. It’s like if you don’t trust your decision-making in regards to relationships anymore.

You trusted a liar or manipulative person before and you remember how much it hurt when you found out they were not who you thought they were.

So now, you question everything: what you feel, what you think, what they say, how they act, to try to rebuild your confidence.

But truth is that the more your think and analyze, the less you are in your true recognition of who they are: you body & soul speak to you constantly, but the trust in your inner compass has been broken.

Sometimes things that happen in relationships are red flags 🚩. Sometimes, they are a reminder of what has not been healed yet.

-> So how can you trust yourself again after having been betrayed?

✨Are you able to speak about your triggers with your person?

✨Do they bring a sense of peace and harmony within you or more chaos and more fears?

✨What are you able to share with them that could prevent you from feeling shameful of how you feel?

We aren’t our past, and we certainly don’t want to repeat it.

But there is sometimes parts of your inner child, inner adolescent, inner adult that have not been acknowledged, and these parts will resurface each time a similar emotion is felt.

By allowing yourself to feel the emotion that is coming up, journaling on what is coming up for you, giving a space & a voice to these parts of you, you actually liberate a lot of the trauma that was stored in your physical, mental, amotional and spiritual bodies.

When trauma is stored within, it comes back in different ways to be healed. Being present, compassionate and patient with yourself is so important.

This month, allow yourself to feel, to write, to speak, to share anything that isn’t in alignment with the life and relationships you want to experience so that you can realign to your highest timeline.

You matter my dear friend 💜

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Much love to you all ❤️🫶❤️

Annabelle Ivaya, Deep Soul Healer & Akashic Guide

Channeled on Oct. 2 2023

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