Never settle for less than what brings you true joy.

Never settle for less than your dreams.

Never settle for less than the love you carry in your heart.

Never settle for less in any relationships.

Never settle for less than you deserve.

You deserve to be joyful, to feel seen and heard, to feel loved and cherished.

You deserve to live the life you choose, the life that makes your heart expand.

You deserve the greatest life you can ever imagine.

You deserve to dream big and keep dreaming, always.

You deserve to be surrounded of people and things that bring a spark in your eyes.

You deserve to laugh, to enjoy life, to dance and sing.

You deserve all your heart wants because you can manifest your dream life now.

Never settle for less as you are limitless and choose your highest timeline, every day.

Feeling closer and closer to your soul, bringing forth your true essence and living with authenticity the life you are meant to experience!

With so much love and light!

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Written by Annabelle Leclerc, Healer, Channeler & Akashic Guide

December 1st 2022

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