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Starseed Gathering is a sacred space I created to support lightworkers, healers, believers that there is more to life than pain & suffering!

We have more than 50 healing journeys available online, 4 workshops, 15 meditations as we continue to grow and walk together this ascension process.

You don’t have to walk alone! Join us!

$77 per month to have access to everything and connect to your guides/higher self/angels and more twice a month!

Get ready to receive:

Chakra healings,  Mental/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual body healing & realignment,  Akashic clearing & healing (past lives), Soul and gifts retrieval,  Channeled messages,  Energy upgrades & divine activations, Light language healing

Plus connect with a tribe of like-minded souls, so lovely lightworkers around the planet that have the same goal: overcoming challenges & difficult life experiences, activating their gifts and supporting the planet’s ascension!

So much magic and healing, it’s a wonderful place to be together, authentically, in alignment with divine source.

Starseed Gathering is a safe, expanded space where you belong. For as long as we can remember, we felt out of space, couldn’t fit in although we tried so hard. Now that this space exist since almost a year now, we finally have a loving environment where we can be real, heal together, speak our truth and choose the best for ourselves.

These sessions are very high frequency and support us in making this world a better place, one session at a time.

As always, I will also share the latest channeled information around the ascension process and the energies.

Live sessions every 2 weeks, join us anytime to have access to +80 healing sessions & meditations  

Are you ready to choose YOU and reconnect to Source, your essence in the deepest way for your highest good?

Join us to discover your uniqueness, heal & develop your gifts, find your tribe 🙂

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