Become Your Inner Goddess

10 weeks to become the butterfly you are meant to be!

You can expect big shifts within and around you during this period. My guides and higherself are coming together with these goddesses energies for all of the souls that want to step fully into their mission in this planet.

As always, you can expect magic, clearing, healing and timeline shifts so that you connect and stay aligned to your highest pathway.

Join if you want to:

  • Embody your divine feminine powers
  • Discover the magic you hold within
  • Be one with your high priestess gifts & talents
  • Unify the whole of your multidimensional being with these frequencies
  • Shine codes of beauty, magic, love, compassion, trust, confidence & oneness with the divine


  • 5 Healing Journeys plus 5 associated Light Language Activations
    • Healing Journeys:
      • Isis Golden Temple
      • Divine Feminine Energy
      • Inner Child Healing
      • Divine Masculine Energy
      • The Return of Your Divinitiy Codes
    • Light language activations:
      • Ancient Egypt
      • Shakti Awakening
      • Heart and Inner Child Activation
      • Divine Masculine Activation
      • Divinity Codes Activation
    • Bonus: Shakti Energy Healing journey

You have access to these recordings for life.

To start this inner journey back to yourself, register now!

Possible to have 5 one-on-one sessions with me to support you more deeply during these 10 weeks.

Message me at for more information or if you have any question.



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