You are the Portal

You are the Portal

You are the portal of change for yourself.

10 weeks to:

  • Learn how to discover the strength and power of your divine self and soul
  • Go beyond what you thought was possible for yourself
  • Move into the highest version of yourself with ease and grace
  • Develop the trust, confidence and bond with your true self, your essence, so that you know that you have everything you need to flourish and move smoothly towards your dreams

You want to:

  • Release blocked energy, emotions, old beliefs, contracts, agreements, and patterns
  • Become more in tune with your divine self
  • Develop your own set of tools
  • Create a nourishing environment you thrive in
  • Surround yourself of high frequency
  • Shine bright like the light you are within

The transformations I offer:

  • A deeper connection to your true essence, your divine self
  • A strengthened relationship to your intuition and inner guidance system, as well as a stronger self-confidence
  • More soul alignment and empowerment in your decision making process
  • A deeper understanding and stronger belief of who you truly are, your divine worth and divine inheritance


  • 5 healing journeys and energy updates
  • 5 light language activations supporting the preparation for each of these sessions
  • 4 individual sessions to clear and heal any situation, energy, lower frequency, physical symptoms, emotions, thought patterns that hinder your ascension process and the development or strengthening of your gifts, using the Akashic fields, dark energy removal, spiritual guidance, angelic quantum healing, personnalized light language activations and much more!
  • A final Q&A and light language session will be offered the week after the last healing session, May 22nd 1pm.

The live sessions are every 2 Mondays starting: March 20th at 1pm Mexico City Time ending on May 15th + 22nd of May 1pm.

Click here to confirm the time in your time zone as most of your clocks will change very soon, but the clock doesn’t in Mexico anymore:

The recordings will be available shortly after the sessions. The energies are as effective via the replay, so do not worry if you can’t attend live. Recordings accessible for life.

Register below to join us in this transformative journey realigning you to you true inheritance, rememberting who you are, your strenght and your power!

*All Starseed Gathering membership members have 20% discount for all my programs.

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