Being your true self

What does that really mean? 

Do you feel you allow yourself to express your uniqueness in every moment? 

I was drawing tonight and remembered that even the color I was using for this fairy could be chosen by me.  

I remembered that the colors that were chosen by the matrix for flowers, feathers, skin, hair, everything was designed to make sense in this matrix.

But I had a choice! #empowerment

 What if this was also a mold to break? 

I remember, always wanting to do things differently when I was younger. I also remember always being reminded of the rules by my teachers, my parents and anyone that was older than me.

There was a “way of doing things”, and it was not allowed to be different.

Everything has its own color, its own shape, its place in the sky, everything was calculated to the T.

And for as long as I remember, as a child, I always applied myself to respect the rules. Probably wanting to be accepted by others by doing so, and making sure not to make waves with my “behavior”.

I remember how it felt when I was young to try to fit in to try to be like everybody else.

It made me sad, anxious, and made me feel lost many, many times. 

But it only lasted until teenage years.  

Then, I started to question everything and everyone, and I started to break many rules! 

And now, with the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired in my life so far, I don’t want to follow rules. And for most things actually.  

But tonight, even if I know I made a lot of progress in the sense of living my life the way I want to, I was still going to draw this fairy accordingly to the colors the matrix told me this and that had to be used for since I was younger, even just for a few seconds. 

And it is only tonight that I noticed this was imprinted in me.  

How many of these things are imprinted in us, without us even recognizing it?

I remember also that these “rules” were also the reason while I stopped attending oil painting classes. 

I wanted to express my spirit. 

I wanted to mix colors the way they wanted to be mixed together. 

I wanted to feel free to do what I wanted, with as little rules as possible. 

 Abstract painting gave me this freedom!

And tonight, when I realized I was about to apply “rules” to my drawing, my soul told me: 

Remember how unique you are and shine this uniqueness in every way possible.

 When I think of the next dimension we will move into, everything shimmers, moves, bends, flies. Nothing is static. 

Everything is alive and all is connected.

So why don’t we start drawing this new earth we see in our inner vision?

I know some of us do, during meditation, visualization exercises, spiritual practices, etc. but how about us breaking the “rules” in the matrix now even just by using different colors for things? 

And as I was drawing, making sure to use very unusual colors for everything, I felt alive, free. 

And I remembered in that moment that freedom is also connected to our own uniqueness.

I have been physically hurting for about six days now laying down because of “ food poisoning”. But I know something else is being born within me.

This side of me no one has seen yet.

This side of me I was ashamed to share with the world at some point.

 This side that is fierce and do les not care about what others think. 

This side of me, that is truly who I am.

2024 is the year where we all shine brightly our light.

2024 is the year where you can choose to be authentically, no matter what people say or think.

Are you ready to embrace your uniqueness and truly be who you are?

What action can you take today to honor your uniqueness?

Comment below  

Love you all 🙂

Annabelle Ivaya, Deep Soul Healer

March 18th 2024

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