Trust the process of Co-Creation

I can feel the change coming. I can feel the excitement and the light coming. 

The message I’m getting since January is it is time to release what is not in alignment with who you’ve become so that the new version of yourself can be born.💜

So what happened was that that relationship ended, clothes were given away, memories of the past were cleared and healed, and the space for the new was then created. ❤️

We often want to change something in our life, but are we truly ready to let go of anything blocking new energies and experiences in?

In my life, since I’ve chosen my heart and joy first , there has been a lot of changes – in my relationships, in my activities, in the way I eat, in the place I live, in the country I live and in my whole being. 💗

The Earth is changing, she is shifting at a rapid pace. Gaia is ascending, and we are invited to follow her footsteps into the new. 🌈

For most of us, it’s requires courage, trust, and most importantly, to take a leap of faith.

Stepping into the unknown can feel quite daunting for most of us.

The old ways of doing things will not bring us to the level of consciousness we are wanting to experience during this incarnation.

Listening to the intuitive messages we receive each day also takes discipline and courage. It is not about what we want to do, but a deeper calling from our soul saying quietly, whispered in our ears: do this specific action. Often, we will make nothing of it at first until it gets louder and louder. 🎙️

The higher plan of Source for your soul is unique to you. We do not have all of the information of this plan, the steps and final destination. That’s why it’s such a wonderful experience to be on Earth. 🌎

But remember that what comes repeatedly into your awareness; a travel, a book to write, a place to explore, someone to connect with, a project to start: it’s all part of the divine plan.

And as soon as you will take the first step, the following one will become available to you. Our guides never give us the whole process, it would be too easy! We have to learn to trust ourselves, our intuition and follow through.

Trust the process of co-creation, lovely soul.

I am here if you need any support with this 🤍

👉🏻 What are the changes you wish to manifest?

👉🏻 What messages are you receiving from your guides and higher self?

👉🏻 Are you ready to follow your intuition now?

👉🏻 What is your next step in stepping out of your comfort zone?

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