When life challenges you…

We all had these times where we feel: Why is this situation happening to me now?

Situations where things don’t turn the way we want and do not make sense to us.

These situations are teachers, like all the people in our life.

If you look into this situation with a wider perspective, what is your heart telling you about it?

Is this situation a “do not try to control” reminder?

Is this situation a “love yourself” reminder?

Is this situation a “let it go” reminder?

Is this situation a “trust the universe” reminder?

Is this situation a “you are not alone” reminder?

Your guides, higher self and angels know what it it that you need for your soul’s growth right this moment.

Do you trust that all that happens to you is actually an important part of your soul’s path?

Can you trust that even if you do not understand the purpose of a situation or event in your life, there is a higher reason that you will understand later?

Can you release the need to control the events in your life and allow your higher self and guides bringing through everything you need exactly when you need it?

We have lived our life in this false sense of control most of our life.

It is time to allow life happen how it is supposed to without us interfering.

When we try to control things, we are blocking the magic of the universe at play. The more we allow and let go, the more things fall into place gracefully.

What can you do today to bring more flow into your life?

What can you let go of?

When you planned your incarnation and its challenges, you also planned the support, the miracles, the loving words, the people to help you along the way.

Remember that all will be ok, and let the universe works it’s magic for your highest good 💜🌸🫶⭐️

Much love and healing ✨💝✨

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Channeled by Annabelle Ivaya, June 27 2023


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