What are they really about?

That we should have done something different?

That we need to know the truth?

That without this resolution, there is a missing piece keeping us awake at night

The ego will tell you so many stories

The stories of your PAST

How people treated you, how it happened, how you can now prevent these situations to even happen

The stories about your FUTURE

Trying to predict anything that could go wrong, anything that could hurt you, anything that could disturb your peace

But the FACT is:

Your peace is disturbed the moment you look into these stories

Unable to be present in the now, as you look back or forward

What if these stories didn’t really matter?

What if these stories were only keeping you away from your truth now?

What if these stories were only distractions of the mind to “keep you safe”?

✨What if by releasing your attachment to these stories, you were allowing your truth to shine?

✨What if by not giving energy to these stories, you were more focused on making yourself smile more now?

✨What if by choosing to look inside of yourself instead of outside of yourself, you would find all the answers you are looking for

The stories can be released by your HEART centre

Are you ready to let go & surrender?

Are you ready to look within?

Are you ready to tap into your heart’s wisdom?

Are you ready to step into your empowerment as you limit the mind control?

Are you ready to welcome the messages of your heart?

Are you ready to break free?

So much love and light dear tribe ✨💝💫

Annabelle L., Akashic Guide, Healer & Lightbody Activator

August 3rd 2022

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