The Power of Stillness

Stay still in the midst of all that is happening around & within you.
Stay still & give yourself the Love you need, the Rest you need, the Pause you need.
Only then will you be able to notice the illusions, the storm that you saw around you or felt within you.

There is so much for you to learn when you stop & observe.
No it is not easy to actually stop when everything & everyone seem to push you to act upon something.
Acting from a place of irritability, anger, frustration or anxiety won’t bring you peace.

Calming the mind & nervous system is paramount before taking any action.
Because then you see & feel the alignment of this action with your soul, your true desires & path.

Learn to practice stillness within you so that the noise around you lowers.
Learn to practice stillness within you so that your thoughts & emotions feel free to leave your fields to let the spirit of love & light come through.

You carry more love & light that you imagine.
But the illusions, the noise, the emotions, the thoughts & the rush forward are preventing Love & Light to flourish.
Love & light need stillness, space to grow & expand.

May stillness be with you more & more every day.
Find ways to bring stillness into your mind, body & heart.
Whatever tools you find that calm the storm within you are exactly what you need.

Meditate, walk in nature, look outside, be present.
Allow your emotions to flow through you & let your thoughts pass through as they aren’t who you truly are.

In stillness your soul talks to you.
In stillness you receive the messages you need.
In stillness you see the signs.
In stillness you feel your true essence.

With so much love & gratitude,

Annabelle L. Healer, Channeler and Akashic Guide

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Oct. 4th 2022

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