You Are the Diamond

Diamond of the sea

Diamond of the sky

Diamond of the sun

You shine at night & during the day

What is blocking you from shining brighter?

Is it your past, your present, your future?

Is it your ego who is truly wanting you to stay where you are, without making any changes?

Can you befriend this part of you?

Can you make yourself the master of your life by being in the driver seat?

What is holding you back from having your ego & your fears sitting beside you, acknowledging the needs behind & yours?

Working together with the ego & the fears is a lot easier than trying to get ride of them or trying to bypass them.

They needs our attention, our sturdiness, our guidance.

They don’t know that change is actually good for us.

They want us to stay stuck in the past as it is known & they are scared of failure.

They want us to stay with the people that are in our life because we know what to expect.

They want us to stay at a job we don’t like because it is comfortable and known.

Freedom comes from being outside of our comfort zone.

Freedom comes from allowing our fears to pass through us like water in a river.

Freedom comes from believing that if we are so fearful of doing something new, it’s our ego that is scared, not our soul.

Maybe this “anxiety” we feel around the new is actually our soul getting excited about the changes to come.

Freedom comes from allowing ourselves to feel everything without attaching to the stories.

Freedom is where your heart belongs.

Freedom is being who you truly are at every moment, feeling great or not so great.

Freedom is when you know you are taking the steps to learn how to manage life on earth, staying open to miracles with the help of your higherself and the divine.

You are free, you are a diamond.

All of this resides within you.

Are you willing to look in the mirror, to look into your own eyes, to see the vastness & the infinite possibilities that are right there for you?

Much love and light

Annabelle L. Akashic Guide, Healer & Lightbody Actovator

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Sept. 5th 2022

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