The Sun’s Unconditional Love

Every day you shine for us

Every day you gives us light & strength

Every day you bring light into the shadow

Every day you surround us of your unconditional love

This love that makes everything grow on this planet

This love that reminds us that you exist even when it’s dark or cloudy

This love that fills our energy fields of the highest frequencies there is so we can rise above

The love that recharges our heart when we feel low

The love that gives our soul the nutriments it needs to move forward 

The love that nourishes the whole of our body with such power, presence & consistency 

The love that brings us together to send you our deepest gratitude

This love that offers us different sunsets & sunrises every time

May we remember your love & fill our heart today and every day

Sun, thank you for your unconditional love

Now & always 

Annabelle L., Akashic Guide, Healer & Lightbody Activator

Sept. 22 2022

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