Who Am I?

I am not my projects, I am not my work, I am not my looks, I am not my place.

Then, who am I?

I am the sovereign being I have decided to become

I am the love I am embodying

I am the freedom I have chosen

What does it mean to break free?

What does it mean not to identify ourselves with our past, present, future?

Releasing the chains, the limiting thoughts, the programming, the stuck energies and emotions, the fears and the illusions.

But why do I still feel lost right now?

Why do I feel empty?

Like if there is a part of me that doesn’t allow itself to just be.

Who am I without these chains, these thoughts, these emotions, these programs, these fears and illusions?

Like if sometimes we need to adjust to our new reality, our new inner being, our new feelings, our new thoughts.

Every step has its transition period.

Sometimes this transition feels empty. There is no old, there is no new.

How do you cope with this feeling?

Do you try to cover it?

Do you try to push it away?

Do you embrace it?

Do you allow it to exist?

This ascension process is full of steps, sometimes they even feel like setbacks, as we learn and grow.

How can you assist yourself and welcome every step with love and compassion?

How can you remember that the goal is not the end stage, but the whole journey?

Yes, people, things, jobs, situations will change.

Yes, we will feel lonely, curious, excited, lost, open, tired & everything else in between.

How would it be for you to fully hold yourself every step of the way?

Giving you space to be, to cry, to rest, to laugh, to dream, to scream, to imagine, to play, to breathe?

Much love and light to you all ✨💖

Annabelle L., Akashic Guide, Healer & Lightbody Activator

July 21 2022

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