Commander Ashtar & the Intergalactic Council

March 30 2022

Channeled message

Commander Ashtar & the Intergalactic Council

Can people really hurt you or do you allow them to take our power away?

Like many of you are struggling with your relationships, we thought it was important to share the wisdom around hurt.

Of course, as a light being, you do not experience hurt, it only starts once you incarnate your human experience.

It is important to remember that everyone in your life teaches you something whether it is a reflection of the light or the dark within you.

In the higher realms, nothing is viewed as bad or negative, as all is experience. You chose a specific set of experiences before you incarnate so that you would actually work towards your highest goal.

Through your past incarnations, you might not have fully embodied the characteristics you were aiming for and you chose to try again with different experiences during this lifetime. Or you could have only felt it was time for you, as a soul, to experience these events to embody a different aspect, at the human level.

Earth is a very difficult school and not every soul chooses to incarnate here. If you connect within yourself, if you connect to the part of you where your unique truth resides, you will soon realize that everyone in your life is a teacher. Some will teach you to love yourselves by acting from detachment, acting from the ego or the shadow part of themselves. These souls were all chosen by you and your higherself for you to fully experience opposition and contrast as it doesn’t exist outside of Earth. Other souls, that you will also have chosen, will be a mirror of love, a mirror of your essence, for you to never forget who you truly are.

Looking back at your life: who were your teachers? Who stood by you? Who betrayed your trust? Who is fully accepting all of you right now?

Can you correlate the passage of these people in your life with each stage of rememberance of who you were then?

Can you see how these people and experiences actually reflected on to you the parts of you that needed more acceptance, more love, more compassion, more understanding, more patience, more softness?

By taking a step back and seeing how these life challenges and situations have shone light onto these parts of you that needed your attention, can you let go of the resentment and anger you feel towards your teachers?

Of course, all of this process happens in divine order and we are not implying that you should skip a step to become the next version of yourself sooner. The freedom and empowerment that come from understanding your part and decision at the soul level can really ease the hurt inside of you if you allow it to flow within you.

The other part of our message today is that everything is perception. You are the creator of your reality and decide if you want to feel hurt by people’s behaviour or by what could happen through your imagination. The energy and focus that you place onto these circumstances have a direct impact on how you feel in the moment and can even amplify the manifestation of the expectation you fear the most.

We are here to remind you that these thoughts are not who you are nor these emotions. You are far greater than what you could ever imagine. Next time that you feel hurt, remember that you have a choice: to see this event or situation as a teachable moment and letting it go or to hold on to it and feel all the lower vibrations attached to these thoughts and feelings. The decision is yours.

As we move towards Ascension, you must reconnect and recognize your power. It resides inside of you and we urge you to realize how fast you can shift what is happening within you when you take the Observer role. This is a Mastery step that isn’t easy at first but the more you will practice, the easier it will become.

We are channelling this message today and will come back with more messages as we tune into what is happening on Earth.

We are here to support you, even if some of you have not yet experienced us directly. Look at the night sky and welcome the codes we are sending you.

We love you and are so proud of all you are doing for the greater good.

You are so inspirational for all of us.

Be well dear ones,

Commander Ashtar, The Intergalactic Council

~ Channeled by Annabelle Leclerc, Intuitive, Psychic & Healer, March 30 2022

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