I am a Starseed ✨

Yes, I come from the Constellation of Orion. I have had many, many, many lifetimes on different planets and many lifetimes on Earth.

At first, during this lifetime, I was not feeling like I was at the right place with the right people. I would not fit in with my family, I would not understand how people were treating each other. I was seeing the good in people a lot more than they would actually see and act from the positive side of themselves. I have always been someone who loved humanity, even though I felt that they were not treating the planet right.

I have always been feeling connected to nature. Life has been very different for me since I recognize the connection and energy in all things. Everything on this planet has a vibration, and we can tap into it. Trees have so much wisdom to share, animals can show you the way back to yourself & to your heart, nature, the ocean, any water streams can actually alchemise the negative energy you are holding. There is powerful energies all around us. Do you feel them? Do you see them? Do you use them?

Life hasn’t been always easy. Lots of trauma, toxic relationships and disconnection to Source growing up. I always knew there was something bigger than us, and now, I know it is US that is bigger than anything as we are all connected as One. We are the source of creation, Source itself. There is so much power within us, so much love. Unconditional love exists within you. You need to quiet your mind to find it, it resides inside your heart.

I have been criticized for being too sensitive, for showing my emotions, for being someone with great empathy for everyone I meet. I see the suffering of others and want to help by any means possible. I have learned to send love to everyone I come across, as I now know we choose the type of life we will experience in between each incarnation.

Our soul chooses our life lessons so that we go back to our essence and do what we came on Earth to do. The Law of Grace is really important here. We have to respect each soul’s plan. If each soul decides what they want to experience and what they are going through to grow, we cannot intervene unless the soul is ready and has learned what they intended to learn. This is a great teaching, the future of each soul is actually written in their soul plan. They can decide to change their soul contract as we all have free will on Earth. But it is only this specific soul that can make changes if they are ready to do so.

I used to think that I needed to help as many souls as possible from their own suffering. But if these souls had chosen these events for growth. What was required of me was simply to be present, to send love & acceptance. And the moment that they would be ready for a changes they would come to me. As lightworker, there is so much work done only by being there, by shining our light and staying grounded in tumultuous environments.

Having had lifetimes after lifetimes in the star systems, I knew no boundaries. Frontiers feel foreign to me. I want to travel the world and share my wisdom with everyone I meet. I know my mission is to reconnect with old rituals to heal the world, share galactic wisdom held in my heart. 💖

The planet needs us, dear starseeds. We are in this together.

Have I ever felt lost?

Oh god yes!

Have I ever felt from out of space?

Yes, so often!

Have I ever felt like I wanted out?

Yes, many times!

Why did I choose to stay?

Because I always knew there was a bigger picture than my actual social work job. I knew that I needed to help people from outside of the 3D matrix. I knew that my wisdom would be needed, that my spiritual powers and gifts would be needed as well, as the earth would come into this new earth birthing process.

Have I always known I was a starseed?

In my heart yes, but it became true and owned in the last couple years.

Have I felt scared to show this part of me?

Of course, we are still living human life, aren’t we?! Fears are part of the process, but we can learn to transmute them and allow more light within us. Our light is needed. ✨

What is my dream?

To help everyone that feels lost right now. To support them in understanding who they are. To help them clear negative energies so that they can live and embody their life’s mission. To support them with guidance through the process. In sharing my journey, my love, my wisdom, my laugh, raising the vibration of everyone around me.

I know you are there and you are wondering how you can actually make the jump into your mission.

I know you are wondering how you can be authentic, fully, with your family and friends.

I know your ego/mind is telling you all reasons of why you should not do this.

I’ve been there, and it’s scary, it is hard to find our way with all that happens inside and outside of us.

We need likeminded people, to believe in us when we doubt, to push us forward when we feel stuck, to share this experience together as we are one.

Want to know more? Want to have access to spiritual teachings? Want to learn how to connect with your gifts and clear what doesn’t serve you anymore? Unblocking the things that are holding you back?

Message me 🙂

Thanks a lot 🙏🏻

  • Oh I love everything about this! Yes! I have always looked at the stars and wanted to be among them, but now I know it’s because I used to live among them. Discovering one’s gifts and true identity is life changing for sure!

    • Hi lovely soul,
      I am seeing this comment a long time after you write it. I am managing my website myself now, so I know what is going on more!
      I am glad this text resonated with you lovely soul sister. Much love and light to you!

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