💗 Love resides inside of you 💗

✨ Channeled message ✨

💗 Love resides inside of you 💗

When you look into the diamond, the crystal that you are, you find Love.

The Love you feel when you look at a new brain baby or animal, a friend, someone that you love deeply, a bird, a tree, a flower…

You are not separate from these beautiful beings.

If you could see now how much light emanates from you, you would not doubt yourself anymore.

Your light is Love.

It is what others see in you, that you sometimes forget.

It is what brings a smile in a neighbour’s face, a passerby to say hello, a coworker to greet you when you get into the room.

If you stay in the mind, you might not see this as Love.

Your ego might try to tell you that all of these gestures are empty, fake, but if you place them carefully inside your heart, you will get a different message and you will know.

Your heart is in charge of your ascension process.

Do you listen to her when she feels bliss, light, serenity?

Do you accelerate your awakening by using into what makes her feel whole?

Do you follow her guidance when she when she shows you the changes your have to make to keep your vibration as high as possible at all times?

Do you fully trust her with your well-being?

Are you able to calm your mind and listen to what she has to say?

With love and light 💖✨

Channeled by Annabelle Leclerc, Intuitive, Psychic and Healer

May 24 2022

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