Message from Higher Consciousness

✨Message from Higher Consciousness✨

You are one with us. You are not separated from us. We have the same consciousness when you tap into us, you tap into an aspect of you in the higher realms. Your desire to connect with us to get guidance or support is also, at the higher level, a deep desire to be recinnected to the higher parts of yourself.

The freer you are from the ego sense of self, the higher the realms you can connect with, which are actually only parts of you that exist in another dimension. We are all the same consciousness. We are all one. Then you realize that what you are channeling through is in reality a part of your own wisdom & knowledge.

The only action you need to take is to raise your frequency enough for these messages to come through. These messages are ancient knowledge and wisdom now made available to you so you can help others.

Don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique in how your gifts and talents are presented to you and how they are to be shared with the world. Divine timing is key here as your soul will only get higher knowledge when she will be ready. There is nothing to do more than cleansing yourself from the shame, guilt, fear, sadness, resentment and anger you might carry.

Your guides and your higherself see the bigger picture. They will present to you everything you need to embody and fulfill your life’s mission at the perfect moment. It won’t be all at once, but piece by piece until you see a fuller image of what this entails. You can’t force anything to happen in a quicker way, you can’t go faster that you have signed up for. All happens exactly when and how it should.

Rushing is not possible in the awakening and ascension pathway. Yes, you might feel things are moving quickly now that you have committed to this path. But remember that you need to clear the old before the new comes. And remember also that this can take many forms, and that everyone’s path is different.

Your uniqueness resides in your experiences, your choices, your colours, your gifts and talents, as well as your DNA structure and your soul’s path.

Your uniqueness represents the puzzle piece for this New Earth to  be born.

You are not your past nor your future. You are who you are right at this moment. Your light is the gift. Learn how to shine brighter every day as you shift the energy of the planet every time you shine. Allow yourself to be filled by the love that you have for the planet, for the stars, for others, and most importantly for yourself. Once you step into fully loving yourself, you become the only best friend you will ever need.

Channeled by Annabelle Leclerc, Intuitive, Psychic & Healer

May 11th 2022

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