Channeled message from Lord Kuthumi

✨Channeled message from Lord Kuthumi✨

🌟Being the light & Remembering who you are🌟

I am here today to send a message to Earth. You are all in so much need of love right now.

Most of you have moments of despair & feel lost or unsettled by life events around and inside of you. As you shift into the New Earth, moments of confusion will happen. These moments are precious if you see the situation with a larger perspective.

It is easy to think that you aren’t on the right path, that your guides have forgotten about you, that you are never going to be free. But if you take the higher road, you will notice the many illusions that are presented to you. The illusion of lack, the illusion of constraints, the illusion of separation.

These illusions were created in Earth to keep you locked into a lower vibration. All that you feel when you focus your attention to what you do not have makes you feel disconnected from Source. And by believing you are disconnected from Source, you block Source energy to come through, which confirms & emphasizes even more the feeling of separation.

You have not come to this planet to struggle.

You have not come to this planet to fear your future.

You have not come to this planet to feel unworthy of love & abundance.

These programs that have been placed eons ago, and reside in your DNA. They are now ready to be removed. But this can only happen if you allow the process of removal to occur, by your awareness, detachment & by you focussing on the love & light that exist inside of you at any given time. You are given the chance to truly break free & rebirth into the sovereign being that you are.

Your attention needs not to be on worrying but in remembering that you are love, that you are abundance, that you are light, that you are a living miracle, every day.

I have watched all of you during these last years & I have seen so much peace, love & gratitude growing inside of you. Remember your power of creation, your power of healing & your gifts. You have now access to so much more than you know.

The New Earth codes are ready to be shared with you. Are you ready to accept them, integrate them, as well as truly & consistently follow the Law of One? Being human on Earth means being one with everything & everyone else. How does this make you feel to see those around you being one with you? Can you replace judgements by acceptance, injustice by equality, violence by love, anger by peace?

Your words carry a the frequency you hold. Your actions carry the frequency you hold. What frequency are you choosing to embody? Are you aware of the frequency you are sending into this world and beyond?

The answers you are looking for are all inside and around you. They are in the lingering feelings and thoughts about someone you love, they are in the song of the birds you hear, in the leaves moving through the wind, in the shape of the clouds you notice.

Be present dear one, Mother Gaia and all of us Beings of Light send you messages of love, peace & encouragement every day. You are the key to the new humanity that is in creation right now. Imagine life as you want it to be, with roses of your favourite colour, crystals, nature, water, love, peace & light everywhere you go.

Your energy is vital for the New Earth to birth, give yourself the love & rest you need to go through this ascension process.

With love,

Lord Kuthumi

April 26, 2022 ~ Channeled by Annabelle Leclerc, Intuitive, Psychic & Healer

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