Releasing the pain, sadness & guilt from your heart

Yesterday, I sat in contemplation with my higherself and guides. I received many activations that will be supportive of you dear tribe. 💫

What I was shown was the divine feminine wanting to come through, but all the pain, sadness and guilt within our hearts.

I held so many souls with the support of higher beings of light, supporting them to RELEASE.

Release all that wasn’t serving them, all that was holding them back from embodying the divine feminine once again on this planet, one soul at a time.

There was a big purging, including in my soul extensions and nomadic grouping. Some of you might be part of these groups, and might have sense a shift within you. ✨

The galactic beings are here to remind us of all the love we have inside of us, under all of these layers of pain and suffering.

I am glad to be supporting the planet with this divine feminine return & want to support any souls that feel called to step into their power fully.

If you feel called, contact me. I am here and will receive you with open arms, guiding you to find yourself and live authentically. And show you the way back to you as all resides inside of you.

You are ready to be YOU 🕊✨💫

Lots of love and light 💝✨

Annabelle L., Akashic Guide, Healer & Lightbody Activator

August 5th 2022

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