The Void

A space where there is no future, no past.

A space where you feel empty yet complete.

A space where you know you are saying goodbye to the old version of yourself, never to be returned.

A space where your mind worries but your heart softens.

A space of inner knowing, of inner strength, of connection to Source & all there is.

A space that has deeper silence, inner silence.

As the energies come through, more and more, you might sense and feel the void more often.

Lasting between a few hours and a few days.

Preceded by inner turmoil & inner peace, situations of unclarity & deep clarity, of reminiscence & divine truth.

An uncomfortable period of time where you see all that isn’t aligned with you anymore.

An uncomfortable period of time where you feel hypersensitive to others, to sound, to your environment.

But also a deep sense of oneness with nature & presence with yourself as you have never experienced before.

A moment where you only want peace & quietness to put your thoughts aside & truly focus on you.

And once you are there, in the void, in the silence, in the here & now, then you realize: you already knew.

You already knew what had to change, what had to shift.

You asked for clarity and truth so many times, but now you are ready to see, feel and sense the truth.

Your truth, your essence, what you need in your life to feel aligned, loved, joyful and centred.

And then grief appears.

A deep sense of grief of who you once were.

Grieving the “comfort” related to the things and people you are leaving behind.

This comfortable discomfort, this known pain, this known disconnection.

And then the fear appears.

The fear of loneliness, the fear of the unknown, the fear of making the wrong decision, the fear of what will happen once you make the choice to choose YOU.

But when you tap into yo ur heart, you realize that these things and people were only making you feel further away from God, your truth, oneness, and then everything changes.

You now understand that what you feared, the separation, was already felt every time you were doing these things or meeting these people.

As they aren’t aligned with you, they push you away from yourself, your true self.

That freedom, that love, that compassion you so desire can only come forth when you allow them in.

By saying YES to YOU.

By being your own cheerleader, your own protector, your own divine partner.

A question remains:

How can we meet the high frequency souls, the soul aligned ones, if all the space in our life is taken by those who are misaligned?

Being free to be you, all of you, at all times without any restrictions: isn’t it the whole point of this incarnation on Earth?

So the void is the space between the old and new version of yourself.

You have the courage it takes to shift into your new reality.

What do you choose?

To go back to your old ways of being or to take a leap and allow God Source to surprise you?

Lots of love & light 💗💫

Annabelle Leclerc

Akashic Guide, Healer & Lightbody Activator

Aug. 29 2022

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